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Statement by EU Energy Commissioner on Synchronising Ukraine and European Grids

Earlier today (February 28, 2022), the European Commission released a document entitled “Remarks by [EU Energy] Commissioner [Kadri Simson] at the press conference of the [EU] Energy Council meeting.”

Commissioner Simson stated in part:

I have been in constant contact with Ukraine's energy minister German Galushchenko.

One project that has been our joint priority for a long time is synchronising the Ukrainian power grid with the European Continental Grid – instead of Russia. This is a strategic initiative for increasing Ukraine's energy independence.


I spoke to Minister Galushchenko again yesterday and he has informed me that in the current situation, they have decided not to reconnect their grid back to Russia. As a result, Ukraine is asking for emergency synchronisation with the European grid as soon as possible.

This is technically challenging. But, as Europe, this is something tangible we can do for our partners. I spoke today with the President and the Chair of the Board of ENTSO-E – our electricity grid operators - and expressed my strong support for the emergency synchronisation. Today at the Council, I have asked the ministers for their support as well. There was a broad agreement around the table.

Based on this, we will move forward with ENTSO-E to connect Ukraine's electricity system as quickly as possible. This step would also link Moldova to the EU grid – another country that wants to be able to choose its energy future.

We also continue to work on delivering gas to Ukraine through physical reverse gas flow capacity from West to East. The first such deliveries from Hungary took place this winter. The physical reverse flow capacity between Slovakia and Ukraine has been increased and discussions are ongoing to extend this to the next heating seasons.


We are doing and will continue to do our utmost to help Ukraine in their struggle against lethal aggression.


The war against Ukraine is not only a watershed moment for the security architecture in Europe, but for our energy system as well. It has made our vulnerability painfully clear. We cannot let any third country destabilise our energy markets or influence our energy choices.


Commissioner Simson’s statement may be found on this official EU web page:


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