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NASEO and NARUC Release Toolkit for Solar Cybersecurity

On October 2, 2023, the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) released the Cybersecurity Advisory Team for State Solar (CATSS) Toolkit.

NARUC’s press release states in part:

The CATSS Toolkit provides State Energy Offices and public utility commissions with actionable information on cybersecurity for solar power and supports state cybersecurity enhancements for solar and other distributed energy resources.

The CATSS Advisory Group leveraged state, federal and private-sector expertise on cybersecurity, the electric grid, solar power and other DERs to identify and inform model solar cybersecurity actions. These resources support the solar cybersecurity efforts of states, in partnership with utilities and the solar industry.


The CATSS tools are foundational resources for State Energy Offices and Public Utility Commissions seeking to mitigate cybersecurity risks. “As the leaders in state energy policy and program development in support of their governors’ and legislators’ cybersecurity and DER goals, State Energy Offices are increasingly engaged in cybersecurity actions,” said NASEO President David Terry. “This toolkit will help states achieve their energy and resilience goals by creating more cyber-secure distributed energy resources.”


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