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100th Community Solar Project in Northern Illinois Launches

On December 7, 2023, Governer JB Pritzker joined Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) and solar developer Reactivate to announce the substantial completion of the 100th community solar site in northern Illinois. The project is set to serve low to moderate income ComEd customers.

The Governor's press release states in part:

The Verduin solar farm is planned to be in service by the end of December and will help the residents subscribing to the project by reducing their energy bills and their carbon footprint.


ComEd customers will not need to install solar panels in their homes to receive the benefits of the project. Through the community solar programs, residents will be part of a solar energy "farm" of solar panels and will receive a credit from ComEd for their portion of the energy produced by the project.

See the Governor's press release here:


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